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Some of the ways in which individuals and companies participate in the OpenZFS community.

Spread the word:

  • blog
  • tweet (#OpenZFS)
  • write for magazines, and so on.

Help to organize this site, or write documentation.

Join the developer mailing list:

  • Stay informed about OpenZFS work in your area.
  • Get design help or feedback on your code changes.

Contribute your code changes upstream.

Learn from OpenZFS developer resources.

Make others aware of your projects on the mailing list so they can be added to the ongoing project spreadsheet.

Join the monthly Leadership Team Meeting.

Join discussions on <-- Need instructions for joining

If you make a product with OpenZFS

Have your logo on the companies page:

  • contact admin at for help

When you talk publicly about ZFS, use the term OpenZFS and link to this website.